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Rules of Sarva Iyengar Yoga Institute

Class Fees

We would like all our students to enjoy their yoga and to have fair and equal treatment. To ensure that you are able to attend the classes you wish, we have developed the following rules:

  1. All students attending weekly or regular monthly classes must be members of Sarva IYI.
  2. This membership is paid annually and entitles students to:
  3. All students’ memberships are due for renewal in September. Those joining part way through the year will pay a pro-rata sum for the remaining months to September.
  4. Students may attend two classes to ‘try out’ the sessions (at the drop in rate) before membership is due.
  5. Visitors are welcome to attend classes at Sarva IYI. They will be charged a ‘drop-in’ fee. This will be higher than the price paid by members.
  6. Course fees are discounted when paid termly in advance, unless otherwise specified in Sarva IYI leaflets, or you must pay 'drop-in' fees. Our classes are popular and space is limited so always book to secure your place.
  7. If you miss your regular class during your course, you may make up the missed class by attending any other class on the regular timetable (provided it is within the same course term). You must let us know when you intend to make up a class in this way.
  8. Membership and Course fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  9. During the last two weeks of a course, students will have the opportunity to secure their place on the next course before it is open to everyone.
  10. In the unlikely event of the advertised teacher being unable to take a class, Sarva IYI reserves the right to substitute another suitably qualified teacher.
  11. For weekend events, refunds can be made only if the course or yoga event is cancelled by Sarva IYI, or you tell us at least a week in advance and your place can be re-let to another student. An administrative fee will be deducted.

Use of the Centre

We are keen to maintain high standards here at Sarva IYI and want all students to enjoy using our facilities. Please help us to keep the place clean, tidy and in good condition by observing the following rules:

  1. Everywhere except reception is a shoe-free zone. Please leave your shoes in the shoe racks provided or in your locker.
  2. No food or drink may be taken into the yoga studios.
  3. Please leave all your personal items in one of the lockers provided and hang the key on the key rack in the relevant studio. (Keys have been known to be swept up with the equipment and we have had to empty out the store room in order to find them again!)
  4. All yoga equipment is provided. Students are welcome to bring their own mats if they prefer.
  5. Please take care to put away all equipment carefully in the correct place.
  6. Please dress appropriately for yoga. Wear clothing that is clean and does not restrict your movements in any way. It must also be sufficiently modest.
  7. Please maintain a high standard of personal hygiene, paying particular attention to your feet.
  8. Please do not wear strong perfume to class.
  9. Please do not chew gum in class; this is for your own safety. Sarva IYI cannot accept responsibility for any injury caused in this way.
  10. Please remove any jewellery which may become caught on clothing or equipment. Sarva IYI cannot accept responsibility for injury caused in this way.
  11. Please do not smoke anywhere in the building.
  12. Please be considerate of all other users of Sarva IYI.
  13. Parking at Sarva IYI is free but at your own risk. Please comply with the one way system in our drive. (Take care when leaving the centre as there are speed bumps in the rear exit road beyond our gates.)

Use of the Kitchen and Coffee Lounge


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