Remedial Classes

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These classes are aimed at people who already do yoga and have a physical condition such as hip, knee, shoulder problems or back ache. You will receive a one-to-one consultation with Sheila Haswell, our Senior Teacher, who will put together a yoga sequence specifically to benefit your condition. You will then work alongside others in a class environment but working with the programme you have been given. Other qualified teachers will be on hand to help you as and when required.

The idea of these classes is that you learn to work with your condition so that when doing yoga you do not exacerbate the problem and eventually can return to regular classes as your condition improves. Depending on your situation you may be able to attend regular classes alongside these remedial sessions.

Cost: Initial Consultation £50, Weekly Class £16 (payable monthly, drop-in fee £18)
N.B. Refunds are not possible with this class.
Numbers are restricted to maintain the ratio of students to teachers.
Payment guarantees your place in the class.

Apply for an Initial Consultation with Sheila. Please call at Reception or phone 01494 xxxxxx. Alternatively, you could fill in this form below and send it in. (Please note that your message will pass across the internet in plain text - unencrypted. We understand if you would rather phone us, call in, or print this page and post it to us.)

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The nature of your problem:
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How did you hear about this class?
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Once comple, please print this form and send it to us or you can answer the same questions in an email to Sheila: Please allow a few days for Sheila to reply.


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