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when do I need to join Sarva?

Whether you are a complete beginner or have many years’ experience, you can start coming to classes at Sarva at any point in the term. All our teachers are trained to incorporate new students into existing classes at any time, so please don’t feel you’ll be out of place or holding up other students. If you are new to Sarva you may attend any two classes and pay only the applicable Drop-in Fee.

Once you have ‘dropped-in’ to a couple of classes you need to become a Member of Sarva to attend any more. That way you can be sure we offer the type of yoga you are looking for (there are many different styles) before making a commitment to Membership.

If you find it is what you are looking for, and we hope you do, you can then sign up for the rest of the term, which costs less than ‘dropping-in’. Termly prices are pro rata if you join part-way through a term.

If you have the type of job which means its difficult for you to commit to a regular weekly class, you have two other options:

  1. You can continue to pay the drop-in rate as you attend whichever classes suit you.
  2. You can sign up for the course that you are most likely to make but if you miss any class you are welcome to drop-in to any other class, of a suitable level, to make up the one(s) missed. All that we ask is that it is within the same term. E.g. you know you will be absent for the third week of the term, so you can come to an extra class either before or after your planned absence.

In whichever case, Membership of Sarva is paid annually either at the end of the Summer term or the beginning of the Autumn term. Membership prices are charged pro rata throughout the year, dropping at Christmas, Easter and if you join just before the Summer break we allow you to pay for the year to cover you until Autumn of the following year. E.g. if you wish to join us in July with only four weeks of regular classes left, paying full membership at that time will cover you until the September of the next year.

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