Iyengar Yoga

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Yoga?

It is a stimulating form of exercise which tones the muscles, strengthens and invigorates the whole system, thereby relaxing the mind and body.

Will the classes be all Women?

No. More men are beginning to realise the benefits of Yoga. The postures are a challenge to all. Yoga pays no regard to colour, creed or sex: all can take part.

What shall I wear?

Anything comfortable, such as a T-shirt and shorts or leggings, loose trousers and a top. It is recommended however that you do Yoga in bare feet.

What about equipment?

Sarva is fully equipped; all equipment is provided by the Institute. You are welcome to bring your own yoga mat if you prefer.

Can I have a meal before the class?

You can, but try to give a heavy meal about four hours to digest. Leave an hour for a light snack or drink.


They won't get me all tied up in knots, will they?

A well trained teacher takes all the postures gradually. Yoga is a lot more than the cross legged lotus posture. Many of the others in a beginners class will be just as stiff as you might be.

What about my bad back / stiff shoulders / arthritis / weak wrists?

All students fill in a confidential questionnaire at enrolment, where you can tell your teacher if there is anything you think he or she should know. All the postures can be made easier for medical conditions and may relieve them. If you are seeing a doctor regularly for a medical condition, ask his/her advice first.

Will they all be younger than me?

All ages come to Yoga classes, so you won't feel left out. If you are over 60 years your teacher will take this into account.

I expect everyone else will be slim except me?

It does not matter what shape you are, your muscles can stretch just the same. All shapes and sizes are to be found in yoga classes. The classes are not slimming clubs, but the postures do tone the muscles and help to condition the body generally, so you will feel healthier.

What about meditation?

Yoga postures, done properly, mean that you concentrate and relax the mind while you are working in them; they are a meditation in themselves. Relaxation at the end of the class usually means 5-15 minutes of total relaxation of mind and body.

What about the cost?

Yoga classes are great value and they compare favourably with other activities. You will be getting a one and a half or two hour class with good teaching and pleasant, friendly company.   For class details call 01494 xxxxxx and see our prices.